Great British Road Trip

Here is a really cool video of an infographic created about the best British road trips. Whether you’re a tourist or native to the British roads, everyone loves to get in the car with friends or family and drive along the open highway.

Special thanks to for sending this interesting video over.
Check it out! 🙂


  • Tino

    Done all routes except the 2 in Wales, never been to Wales! Hartside is my favourite road, I have only driven in around a thousand times as I used to journey from the North East to Cumbria daily for a number of years. I have had some adventures on that road. I love to sit at the cafe at the top of the pass and just watch the world pass me by. If you ever get the chance to be there, or drive it, do it.
    There are some great drives in Scotland, the A87 is just one of many.
    The A82 up through Glencoe is about as good as it gets, see for yourself,

    Its a rugged landscape that has everything from breathtaking vistas to the tightest hairpins, from long straights, the hidden curves.

    • Lovely Annie

      Hahah awesome! I actually really love Scotland.. so sorry if it came off some other way! I plan on going back many more times in the future… you know… when I have money lol

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