Fantastic Orlando Vacations

There are few destinations in the United States, let alone in the whole world, that have as much excitement to offer as the area around Orlando, Florida does. Young or old, rich or poor, with friends or with your family, you can be sure to find something fantastic to do here that you’d have a hard time finding anywhere else.


The self proclaimed amusement park capital of the world, Orlando is home to more attractions of this kind than all other places worldwide, so it is no surprise that many people come to Orlando for the theme parks. In the old days it used to be that you’d show up and check out one of the many discount ticket huts throughout the city, but thanks to the internet, much of this process can be skipped and done well ahead of time by buying attraction tickets direct and saving yourself the headache.


It’s not just amusement park tickets that you can score from these kinds of retailers, as dinner shows, hot air balloon rides – even entrances to the Kennedy Space Centre can be found here. Many of these attractions sell out before time so do yourself a favour and buy them before you leave to avoid frustration. If nothing else, it will at least give you an idea of what kind of events there are to do in the area because you’ll find many more once you arrive!


Ultimately what most people are looking for in an Orlando vacation is a trip to Walt Disney World. Even if you’ve already been to one of their parks in Paris, California, Japan or elsewhere, nothing compares to what Orlando has to offer. Pick up a Disney Ultimate Ticket and get access to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot (a personal favourite!), Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and a ton of water parks. Only suckers pay for their tickets at the gates, so make sure you’re not a sucker!


If theme parks and dinner shows aren’t really your thing (keep in mind too – there’s Sea World and Universal Studios, among other non-Disney ones!), don’t worry – Orlando still has you covered. With brilliant weather and vast amounts of natural beauty, staying in the area gives you access to some of the world’s best golf courses and national parks to check out. If you venture a little further east or west, you’ll find outstanding beaches to relax on and catch some rays. Remember – this is the sunshine state (even if Australia might have something to say about that!)


When the winter blues are getting you down and you need a little excitement in your life, Orlando, Florida is your cure. With great deals going on all the time to help people have some fun during the cold weather months, you can be sure it will fit your budget and leave smiles on everyone’s face.

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