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Tips for Saving on Holiday Travel


Whether you’re being coerced into visiting in-laws for the holidays or even if you just want to get away to some luxurious, warm island to beat the winter blues, there are millions of people traveling all across the globe this year. And they’ll all be taking off in a few days. Christmas is right around the corner, and no matter which of the similar holidays you personally celebrate, the point is that holiday travel is not only insanely crowded, but it’s also expensive.

The economy is still tough out there, and we all know that there’s no sense in taking a trip if you can’t afford to have fun while there. So if you want to save money on this year’s holiday vacation, you should hurry up and use some savvy traveling tips before it’s too late.


Ways to Save on Holiday Vacations

The Road Less Traveled
Compared to the 20-degree, slush-filled days in your winter not-so-wonderland, a beach is a beach. So whether you visit some extravagant beach that you eyed in a magazine, or just a little slice of Mexico or the Philippines, the sand and the sun is what you’re after. Not the price tag. So always try to go with a more exotic, lesser-known locale if you want to save money. The same goes for ski lodges and other snow-covered attractions, too; think about less popular destinations that are friendlier on your bank account.

Try a Coupon Code
Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to save on holiday travel is to use a coupon. You can get vacation discounts online that help you save on everything from your initial airfare to your hotel stay. You can also find family-oriented discounts, restaurant vouchers, and much more. You just have to be willing to look if you want to find the best savings. There’s a voucher out there with your name on it.

Alternate Airlines
Those airlines you see advertised via commercials and on the side of buses all have one thing in common: They’re very expensive. Are they any safer? Not by average. Are they any more comfortable? Only if you’re comfortable paying hundreds of dollars more per ticket. So if you have to fly, look into airlines that are out of the mainstream. Most still take off from the same airports. And if you’re traveling within the same country or close enough on the same continent, think about a train. Nothing says holiday travel like an old-fashioned train ride.

Just be Frugal!

This isn’t a tip so much as it’s a reminder, but being frugal works to your advantage all the same. The idea with a holiday vacation is to escape your old surroundings and to head to an area with more pizzazz. Maybe you want to flee California and head to Maine for a true white Christmas, or vice versa. The point is that the scenery is what’s important here, as well as the culture of the area. You shouldn’t be interested in five-star hotels and uber-expensive dining. Unless, of course, you want to run up a big tab.

If you’re planning on traveling this year, just know that there are many ways to save money. Whether you’re saving money with Bookit coupons or finding a family package to an amusement park, you can save big when you put your mind to it.

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