Last Minute Asian Getaways

Do you ever feel like you need a break from your every day life? Is the daily grind slowly wearing you down and you need to see and do something different to recharge your outlook on life?

If this is true, consider taking a last minute international flight to any one of these amazing Asian destinations and prepare to have your mind blown. The contrast each of these places offers from your notion of ‘ordinary’ may be just what you and your family needs to break out of your rut. From laid back to fast paced, there are many to choose from but here is a sample of some of the major destinations for your last minute holiday!


It’s no secret that Bali is a top notch getaway for travellers of all backgrounds, known the world over for its easy going atmosphere and fabulous resorts. What you might not be aware of is that there is more to Bali than just the parties with a rich cultural heritage and fascinating historical sites, making this an ideal vacation destination for anyone looking to get away last minute. With deals popping up all the time, it’s almost always the right time to jet off to Bali.


The craziest place on Earth is calling out to you – are you going to answer? Whether you’re looking for entertainment, traditional way of life or just to be immersed in thousands of people at the famous Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo make a great diversion from the ordinary. Unlike many other Asian countries, the temples and shrines found in Japan – and indeed, in Tokyo – are tranquil havens where relaxation and reflection can be had for free simply by walking into them, marking a stark contrast to the technological insanity taking place just a few feet outside!

Hong Kong

As far as having a pulse on the economic and financial world, few cities can rival Hong Kong and if your idea of an escape is taking in a an ultra-modern metropolis, then hop on the next flight! The beauty of Hong Kong lies in its melding of traditional Chinese values and practices and the fast-paced nature of the west. It’s an incredible sight and definitely worth checking out.


While not as close as Bali to Australia, Bangkok is no less popular amongst party-goers and those seeking an escape from their hectic lifestyle. Thailand’s capital is filled with fabulous shrines and temples but if you want the true Bangkok experience, be sure to consume as many of their local dishes as possible, particularly tom yum soup and pad thai to name a few. Finally, if shopping is your cup of tea then check out Bangkok’s many markets and hone up on your bargaining technique to find a great deal!

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