5 Places to Include on Your Winter Getaway to Europe

There is no denying that most people prefer to go on vacation during the warmer seasons. The sunnier periods are often associated with the laidback attitude attributed to holidaymakers. However, winter actually offers its own brand of magic as well. It only takes some research to look for worthwhile activities to do during this season. Do not let the cold weather get in the way of having a great trip!

Below are some places you should consider adding to your European winter adventure.

1. Explore St Peter’s Basilica

The Renaissance-style structure is the largest church in the world and it is generally considered to be the center of the Catholic faith. The winter is a much quieter time to visit, and you’ll have a more peaceful experience as there will be fewer other tourists. Be sure to book a tour of the Basilica so you can find out all about its fascinating history. This will allow you to explore the masterpieces by Bernini and Michelangelo whilst finding out new and interesting facts! Don’t let the cold deter you as Roman winter is generally neither freezing or wet.

2. Christmas Markets in Belgium

As Christmas approaches, colorful markets begin to pop up all over Belgium. These Christmas markets are cozy, traditional, and mesmerizing wonderlands that will effectively relieve you of stress. Why not get some hot cocoa and skate on the rink? The aptly named Winter Wonders of Brussels in the Grand-Place is quite the experience, though the other towns’ offerings are nothing short of magical either.

3. Go on a Ski Touring Holiday in the Alps

The Alps are well-known for their incredible views and beautiful ski chalets. They are a popular destination in the winter for skiers and snowboarders, but if you fancy trying something a bit different then give ski touring a try. You can venture off the beaten path and it is an incredible workout. Regardless of which destination you decide upon, never forsake your safety and always check that the mountain guides and mountaineers are qualified for the job! If possible, book your alpine adventure during term time as it is much cheaper. If you are planning a Christmas getaway, then you’re guaranteed a white Christmas here!

4. Go to the Thermal Baths

There is no need to worry if you are not a fan of the cold. Warm yourself up by taking a dip at the Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest. It is the biggest medicinal bath you will find in Europe and you will come to understand how the capital received the nickname “City of Baths”. You can even avail of their spa treatments and use the saunas inside the complex! There are also hot spring baths in Switzerland and Iceland, though they are typically costlier than the ones you will find in Hungary.

5. Amsterdam Light Festival

If you are lucky enough to be in the Dutch capital in the winter, make sure to drop by the Light Festival. Stare in awe at the works of arts created by various artists from all over the world. Take a walking tour, hop on a bike, or sign up for a canal cruise in order to appreciate the light installations, sculptures, and projections set up along the UNESCO World Heritage canal.


Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a resplendent resort area right at the intersection of France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is well known for its skiing resorts and yearlong cable car rides. With pristine white snow, Chamonix is the best holiday destinations to visit for those who prefer the cold climate to the subtropical climate. Chamonix’s spectacular scenery and alpine town atmosphere never fail to attract people from all over the globe. It also boasts of the highest cable cars in the world.

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The Philippines is a country of islands in the Western Pacific. It comprises of more than 7000 islands. From sun-kissed beaches to pristine natural wonders and archaic historic sites, Philippines has got it all. Its capital Manilla is famous for its centuries-old Chinatown and the waterfront promenade. With its cosmopolitan cities and rustic islands filled with white sand, Philippines is the best holiday destinations of a lifetime.

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Well known for its diamond mines and exotic adventures, South Africa is one of the best holiday destinations to visit with your friends and family alike. Visitors can expect to witness typical African scenery – long ranging coastlines, lush vineyards, hauntingly beautiful deserts and craggy cliffs. There are at least 130 different extreme adventure activities here – from white water rafting and paragliding to shark cage diving, you’ve got it all. There are also immense opportunities for shopping, fine and casual dining, treat your taste buds to both local and international cuisines. Wildlife enthusiasts flock from far and near in pursuit of the “Big Five” – Rhino, Elephants, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo, more often than not they end up finding it and much more.

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