‘Pasalubong’ is originated from the word salubong, meaning ‘meet’ or ‘welcome’. The prefix pa turns it to relate to an object i.e. ‘to welcome’. The anthropology professor at the University of the Philippines, Dr. Nestor Castro, enlightens that pasalubong is a pre-historic practice. The term is native to the Filipino language and the early Philippine communities betrothed in long distance trade.

There are many people who stay away from their family in Philippine, eagerly waiting for pasalubong from their beloved ones. They might be in different forms such as chocolates, clothes, shoes or anything. The pasalubong is more than just a token of love. It also reinforces all the relationships and fills the void left by a parent abroad. If you try to understand, pasalubong has many layers of meaning and there seems to be a ritual behind the word.

Dr. Michael Tan, anthropology professor at the University of the Philippines enlightens that this ritual must be followed in the time when it was difficult to travel and the return was emotionally loaded.

Pasalubong is based on the principle of reciprocity, as mentioned by Dr Mary Racelis, research scientist at the Institute of Philippine Culture. It honors the recipient and delivers the message that the person was being missed.

A pasalubong can be as simple as a box of chocolates or any regional items, or can be typical of some place where one is coming from. It can also consists the items which the recipient cannot afford. These are in the form of balikbayan box. It expresses appreciation and reassure the joy of the person returning home.

It has been noticed that the market demand of these boxes have increased tremendously. Therefore, it was thought that easy-to-assemble, sturdy and stackable boxes must be designed for air shipping.

With the convenience of sending the balikbayan box to distant places, the pasalubong no longer have remained that significant. If someone who travels a lot, it feels obligated to buy something for everyone, without having any generosity and joy.

Pasalubong has been surprisingly still fulfilling the function of reintegrating travelers back to the community. Also, enriching the family ties and friendships.


Scotland is situated in Europe. It is a nation with creativity and warmth of its residents. The total population of Scotland is near about 6 million. Scotland has around 790 islands. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Languages which are used by local residents are English, Gaelic, Scots and pound sterling (GBP) being the currency of Scotland. One of the most important sector of Scotland is tourism serving attractions such as golf and its rich history.
They consider their people as their major strength consisting of well-educated, skilled and motivated people at workplace. Scotland is a small country with more of ambitions.

54% of Scottish population reported being following a Christian religion while around 37% reported not having a religion in 2011 report. Scotland’s culture is blend of both traditional and modern influences.

Scottish cuisine has different features and recipes of its own, but has link with wider British and European cuisine. Scotland’s food mainly consists of dairy products, fish, fruit, and vegetables and is chief factor in Scots dishes and cooking.

Scotland hosts its own sporting events like FIFA World Cup, the Rugby League World Cup, the Cricket World Cup and the Commonwealth Games. The country is considered as the home of golf. Scotland has almost participated at every Commonwealth Games since 1930 and has won 356 medals in all. Five major international airports are Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow Prestwick and Inverness.


Scotland’s electricity is generated through solar energy and wind power.

The Scottish motorways and roads are generally managed by Transport Scotland of country. Scotland has more area of freshwater lakes which seems very stupendous. It has the oldest tree in the country. Official animal of Scotland is Unicorn which symbolize the spirit of purity and innocence.

It welcomes you with warmth breakfasts, interesting hotels, best food, and good holiday cottages. Scotland is very comfortable and simple, with myriad options available to travel. It has stunning mountains, beautiful parks, beer and welcoming residents. All public museums has free entry. You can also take a free walking tour to country. Hogmanay is one of the largest New Year’s celebrations which is recorded in the country. It is famous for its beautiful landscape and you haven’t seen Scotland until you’ve been here so for exploring beautiful places in Scotland one should plan a trip and go there.

A Secret Seaside destination is known as Marina di Pisciottani

Pisciottani is a small seaside town which is located in Southern Italian coastal town to admire many things to the travelers. In fact, it matches a real world, and thus you can do hill trekking and sit at the top of the hills. It starts from the seaside Frazione or offshoot to reach Marina Di Pisciottani. Of course, the place has narrow lanes sandwiched between pastel painted houses, ancient stepped alleyways, allowing capturing hidden chapels, small piazzas and others.

Closest accommodations in Marina di Pisciottani

La Casa sul BluBeach Destination

The hotel Opened in 2013 that provides utterly simple, unpretentious B&B and maintain by quiet lane which is a perfect budget choice. Perks include sweeping views down the coast, Cristina’s homemade jams and cakes at breakfast. Besides, it includes a tour of an ancient but well-preserved nearby olive mill.


The most stylish boutique hotel is Marulivo which consists of eleven smart vintage-chic bedrooms carved out of a former convent in the centro storico. In addition, this hotel has four nearby family apartments and a five-berth stone house amidst the olives.

Villaggio Lido Paradiso

This family-oriented Lido has its own pebble and sand beach just south of the Marina, plus a decent-sized pool. Accommodation is in bungalows and amidst olive and oleander terraces. Kids are well catered for with activities, play areas and inflatables.

Moreover, the travelers could reach their inevitable external fauna and decide to visit and watch the world go by. On the other side, the town has fantastic virtuous resorts that made many centuries to capture by old olive groves on the way. A 20-minute walk from the town may easy allow you to reach the Marina di Pisciottani which consists of a think fishermen cottages, modest hotels, and restaurants for your need.

It is still a significant event in the seaside area and gets excited on the way. You can take to the beachside trattorias where they are served with the exceptional range of fishes in this Beach destination. Along the beachside, the flat gray, white pebbles are attractive, and you will grace to watch it and get relaxation forever. For more sand between your toes, you enjoy a lot and afterward head towards Palinuro which is three miles long from the beach.

Closest airport near Marina di Pisciottani

If you wish to reach the place, then you need to pick closest airports found near the destination. The flights from several UK airports will help you to reach the destination soon and enjoy a lot. You need to book the flights before departure, and there is a flight for every 20 minutes so no need to worry about the flight services. Spend only affordable tickets to reach and explore many things to view in the seaside beach small town.

Where to stay

Accommodation is a big concern for the travelers, but in this Beach destination, you won’t get for your stay. The destination has little cottages, restaurants, and hotels which makes a better stay with your buddies. A more stylish boutique hotel consists of bright accommodation to deliver a high-quality stay always. Apart from this, the foods are fresh, and you will get delicious and hygienic sea foods to this destination. You will offer good value meal in Old town and decides to take both vegetarian and wild herbs to make healthy lifestyle in the destination.

Travelling in indonesia

Travelling in Indonesia – Must Visit Places

Are you looking for the best residing place to make your trip unforgettable?

Indonesia is a wonderful place for water lovers who wish to enjoy ‘once in a lifetime experience’ because of its 17000 islands. No wonder that Travelling in Indonesia will appear as a second home to you as you explore its attractive sight scenes. Make your trip unforgettable by enjoying all the stuffs pleasuring you. There is large number of tourist attractions in Indonesia to discover in this vast country. Enjoy your trip with the following add on to your itinerary list.

Fun on Travelling in Indonesia

Flores land

You will enjoy an assortment of cultural and natural sights when you visit Flores land. The center of attraction is the Kelimutu volcano caldera. It’s a treat to an eye when you watch the color change with the amount of oxidation added to the water. Enjoy your stay with local families and don’t forget to get engage in bird watching. Enjoy trekking as well.


What you enjoy at this place is the massive peak roof house called Tongkonan. You will get a close look of the funeral rites. This will give you a complete idea of a how funeral ceremonies are carried over there.

Bukit Lawang

It is a small village that lies on the eastern side of the National park. This place is famous for letting the people get aware about orangutans. The Focus is paid on their hunting and decreasing numbers. You can enjoy trekking in the heart of the jungle and if you love water sports, then white water adventure waits for you at this place. You may be lucky enough to catch the sight of wild orangutan.


This Island is also full of attractive beaches and volcanic scenery like Bali. The place has fewer crowds that make it worth visiting. The center of attraction of the place is the enormous volcano of Gunung Rinjani and if you are an adventure lover then the place attracts you with its trekking charm. If you visit Lombok, then don’t forget to pay a visit to three Gili islands.


Your visit remains incomplete if you don’t add Bali to your itinerary. It is one of the most crowd puller amongst the tourists. It lures travelers with its mesmerizing landscapes, tropical beaches, volcanic hillsides, lush rice terraces and picturesque backdrop. Bali is well known for its pristine white sand beaches, open air restaurants, towering volcanic mountains, which offers all the visitors the chance to get very close to nature. You will also find Hindu culture with most of the names familiar to the Hindu’s famous epic Ramayana. It’s the friendly nature of the citizens and spectacular beaches that makes Bali a must-visit place.You have ample memories to take back home. You enjoy its 24X7 connected with your family. You will never experience short of ready cash because of its bank and ATM facility. If Indonesia is on your wish list, then pack a picnic and enjoy your vacations to its fullest extent.

Beautiful Family Destinations – Spots in India

One of the best ways to spend time with your family is to take a tour to many beautiful family destinations. Spending your holiday outside the home city gives you a chance to feel fresh. It gives you a time to bond well with your family and friends and loved once. You don’t have to go to big budget places for spending time with your family. There are many beautiful family destination in India to visit, where you can spend a value timing with your family.

Check Out Beautiful Family Destinations to Explore


Kashmir is rightly said as the mini Switzerland. Many tourists all around the world come to India to visit Kashmir to witness the paradise on Earth. It is an amazing spot to enjoy with your family. The valley is a tourist hot-spot but only few people know that the valley is much more than Shikaras and the Dal Lake. Kashmir has numerous National Parks and beautiful garden to visit. The most well known spots are Srinagar, Pahalgam and Gulmarg, where one can have a delight.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you wish to enjoy the soothing weather with your family, then Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the perfect destination. In these islands, people can explore white sandy beaches and warm blue water. You can enjoy water sports like scuba jumping and you can also explore the variety of marine life and watch the light and sound show at Cellular Jail. The popular activities of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are scuba diving and snorkeling, which make your travel more adventurous and delight.


Uttarakhand is an awesome family destinations to go through some happy moments with your family. There are numerous well known spots and religious places, where you can cherish your mind. It is an excellent state sitting on the lap of Himalayan range and enjoying the pleasant and chill climate. The natural beauty is in abundance here. It is a place with rich green forests, snow loaded mountains, blossoming valleys and dazzling waterfalls.

You can enjoy some sweet time here or you can experience thrilling activities. Haridwar is a famous religious spot and Rishikesh is well known for its adventure sports. The beautiful Nainital is known for its curious appeal, which catches the eyes of the visitors from all over the world. Mukteshwar is a flawless place for meditation to get rid of your day to day stress.


Kerala is well known for its natural beauty and beautiful climate. It is popularly known as Gods’ own country because of its amazing beauty with greenery all around. In fact, you can also discover rich green coconut estates, vast paddy fields, banana plantations and lots of various plants. There are likewise numerous rich green backwoods that develop a good rainfall. Apart from all these, one of the beautiful destinations to visit is waterfalls. You can enjoy a perfect time spending in Kerala visiting beautiful family destinations that brings lots of unforgettable experience.


When you think of Goa, the thing that comes to mind is the vast and incredible beaches. But, Goa is more than these flawless beaches and sea. It also has various landscape situated in Sahayadri slopes. There are numerous little and huge slopes and beautiful waterfalls in Goa where you can have blast with your family.